Many casual bowlers enjoy listening to tunes while going for a strike on the lanes. Playtime Bowl is fully audio and visual equipped, allowing  bowlers to enjoy a wide variety of music and music videos during our cosmic bowling nights or at anytime in our Back Alleys VIP bowling lounge. With that being said here is Playtime Bowl’s ultimate bowling play list.

The Bowling Song – Joe Montgomery: This is a classic song from the 1950’s and is an ode to a classic date night. The legendary Montgomery sings to his date Sally that the bowling pins are someone he despises.

When the Lights Go Out – Five: In the 90’s, when the hot shot group known as Five, wanted to show the world what happened when the lights go out we didn’t realize that meant breaking into a bowling center after hours! In this video there is not much bowling going on just plenty of moving and grooving around the lanes.

Eye of the Tiger – Survivor: Boxing, football, ice hockey or bowling this sound popularized by the movie Rocky in the 80’s is sure to get everyone pumped up.

Every Saturday night Playtime Bowl has a live DJ spinning top 40, house, hip hop, roc and roll and giving away prizes. Be sure to come in and request your favourite song from your own ultimate play list.