Many casual bowlers that bowl with their friends and family think that league bowling is only for serious and competitive bowlers who have their own balls and shoes and who have been bowling their entire lives. This is a myth! While Playtime Bowl is home to a wide variety of competitive full season leagues this winter it also has casual and fun leagues perfect for those looking to hone their bowling skills while still having fun.

Here are our staff’s top 3 reasons to join a bowling league this winter

1. Make New Friends – You never know who you will meet on the lanes. People of all ages and backgrounds enjoy bowling and therefore when you join a league you will have the opportunity to make new friends and network.

2. Great Value – Bowling costs as low as $12 per week and you can get your own bowling ball for FREE at the end of the season.

3. Stay Fit – Bowling is a great way to stay active over the winter months where doing things outside can be challenging given the temperature and weather. Did you know that bowling is a total body workout and involves all muscle groups from your calves all the way up through your shoulders! Our instructors will help you warm up and stretch properly each week so that you can avoid injury and stay limber.

Playtime Bowl is offering a 12 for 12 short season league starting in January 2015. For more information or details please go to this page