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  1. The Evolution of Bowling

    The official origins of bowling can be traced about 5,000 years back to Rome and Greece. Notwithstanding this, historians who studied Egyptian graves discovered some artifacts, that seemed like bowling bowls, which would date the game to about 3200BC. Bowling balls continued to be made out of wood until the early 1900s. In the... View Post

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  2. Summer Time is Playtime

    Now that the snow has melted away and the birds are finally chirping it is time to focus on some summer initiates that can keep you fit and in shape. Here are a few reasons why you should think of going bowling at Playtime Bowl this summer. Bowling is Exercise –... View Post

  3. Love at the Lanes

    Looking for something different to do with your sweet heart this Saturday Night? Come bowling at Playtime Bowl! We have a live DJ spinning hip hop, house, top 40 and rock and roll all night and also giving away tons of prizes for the special day.... View Post

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  4. Bowling as a Team Building Exercise

    Many people think of bowling as an individual sport where bowlers try to best one another by getting the highest score. Not known to many casual bowlers is that bowling is also a team sport where teams of 2-6 bowlers can add together their cumulative scores and compare them to any number... View Post

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