Now that the snow has melted away and the birds are finally chirping it is time to focus on some summer initiates that can keep you fit and in shape. Here are a few reasons why you should think of going bowling at Playtime Bowl this summer.

Bowling is Exercise – If your looking for a sport that burns calories and that is of moderate intensity, bowling is a great option. Bowling will help you get your heart rate going while not overexerting your systems. Experts have found that bowling is a total body workout and that all body parts from your toes up through your neck and fingers are activated when participating. Also, whether you are a fitness beginner or expert bowling can be enjoyed by those of all fitness ability levels.

Bowling Beats the Heat – In Toronto in the summer time normal temperatures can approach 30 degrees and sunny. Playtime Bowl is always cool and shady so it makes for a great option on those extra hot summer days. Spending time indoors and out of the sun even for a short period of time on hot, sunny days can allow your body to cool and also avoid dehydration.

Bowling is a Great Way to Spend Time with Family & Friends – Bowling is one of the few sports that has no age restrictions. Grandchildren can bowl next to their grandparents and anything in between. Take advantage of some free time this summer and invite your parents, siblings, extended family or friends for a game of bowling. Bowling provides a great arena to further develop the bonds with those that you are close with.

If you are ready to go bowling this summer make sure to check out some of our Summer Specials. See you on the lanes at Playtime Bowl.